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Hi, I’m Rachel Graham, A Nutritional Therapist, Medicinal Chef & Accredited Menopause Educator


I specialise in women’s health with an emphasis on menopause. This incorporates heart health, digestive health & hormone health…

this is my life stage too!

I want exactly the same things you do…

5 Questions

that  you  probably  want  answers  to…

  1. You want to know what you should be eating for this life stage – what foods should you include??
  2. You want to know how to lose weight – in particular, the menopause middle – you just can’t shift it

  3. You want to know whats the best supplement for menopause
  4. You want to know if you should start HRT
  5. You want to know how to feel good again and avoid all the: aching joints, brain fog, hot flushes, poor sleep & sugar cravings

Ready to lose the dreaded meno-belly + feel energised? 



Losing weight in mid life is about doing things differently to protect your health.
You are at an increased risk for cardiovascular disease, osteoposrosis, type 2 diabetes & dementia.
Its not just about weight loss, you need to know which nutrients you need in abundance & which foods to avoid..

Optimising Your Nutrition is the #1 way to Future Proof your health

Learn how you can reduce every known risk factor for:
heart disease, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes & dementia