Hi! I’m Rachel, here’s a little bit about me and how I can help you!

I’m a Nutritional Therapist & Medicinal Chef with over 25 years Food & Nutrition experience.
Tasty, healthy food is my thing! My goal is to help my clients discover ways to consistently eat healthier foods & therefore feel better!
I also teach medicinal cooking classes i.e. Fermentation, Sourdough Baking, Meal Prep etc..

I work predominantly in Women’s Health with an emphasis on Menopause. I am an accredited Menopause educator from The British Menopause Charity. I am qualified to advise women of the various treatment options available to manage the symptoms of the menopause, including:

  • HRT 
  • Alternatives to HRT (supplements, lifestyle & alternative therapies)
  • Nutrition for Menopause

This includes younger women who are experiencing early Menopause (POI) as a result of surgery or medical reasons; as well as women not yet in Menopause (peri-menopause) who want to inform themselves & be prepared for this life stage.

A few years back, all of a sudden, menopause hit me! I was about 45…It seemed like everything changed from one day to the next, but when I look back, I realise that several symptoms had been affecting me for a while, I just didn’t connect the dots to Menopause…

At the time they seemed unrelated.. frequent waking in the night, hot flushes, brain fog, lack of concentration, feeling anxious & emotional etc…I now know these ‘unrelated’ issues were all classic menopause symptoms…

Everyone’s experience is different & very individual, but there are some common drivers we all share i.e diet & lifestyle which play a really important role in effectively managing our symptoms. 
I follow the functional medicine approach = personalising your nutrition to future proof your health…


  • I can help you clean up your diet & feel energised again.
  • I can give you qualified advice from trusted resources about the different Menopause treatment options, including HRT & alternatives to HRT.
  • I can support your heart health & address any digestive complaints you may be experiencing.
  • Bone health & mental health will also be addressed in your dietary recommendations to help you stay fit, active & happy for healthy aging!