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Welcome to a culinary experience like no other!

Where the art of cooking meets the science of nutrition.
This isn’t just a cooking class:
 to help you reduce your cholesterol & maintain a healthy blood pressure.

Heart Smart Nutrition

📖 Recipe eBook + Comprehensive Shopping List:
Receive your heart-healthy recipe collection featuring over 50+ delicious and nutritious recipes – all nutritionally analyzed to meet your heart health goals: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and guilt-free snacks/treats included.

 All the recipes are easy to follow for a seamless cooking experience with an
organized shopping list included.
Easily find all the ingredients you need for the week ahead with the included resource feature…

Start Strong, Finish Stronger: Begin Your Heart Smart Transformation with a
1:1 Consultation with me..

Once you enrol in The HEART SMART Course you can immediately book in for your 30 minute 1:1 consultation with me to kick start your journey! This will really focus your efforts towards achieving your goals which will make your whole learning experience even more enjoyable! Join me and let’s make your goals a reality, together.

Personalised Heart Health Nutrition Advice

What Sets This Course Apart?

personalized, qualified nutrition advice and recommendations specific to you!

Embark on a personalized journey tailored to your unique needs! Upon completing the in-depth Intake Form, I delve into your current health status, making recommendations that align with your goals for heart health.

🌟 Imagine this: as you kick off, you’ll gain access to an online food journal right on the platform. It’s not just about tracking your meals; it’s a dynamic tool with nutrition targets for specific nutrients. Together, we optimize your daily intake, paving the way for exceptional results on your heart health journey!

Nutritionally Analyzed Recipes:

Access recipes that are nutritionally analyzed, ensuring each meal aligns with heart health goals and provides essential nutrients to help lower cholesterol & manage blood pressure.

3 Live Cooking Sessions:

Immerse Yourself in Culinary Delight: Join Three Live Cooking Sessions and Three Live Zoom Trainings!

Embark on a culinary adventure with three interactive, 2-hour live cooking sessions over Zoom! You have the flexibility to either cook along in real-time or simply sit back, relax, and watch. To ensure you’re well-prepared, I’ll provide a meal prep list in advance of each class, so you’re ready to dive into the cooking experience.

Virtual Cooking Class Dates: (ALL RECORDED)

  1. Saturday, March 9th, 10:30 – 12:30 pm
  2. Saturday, March 16th, 10:30 – 12:30 pm
  3. Saturday, March 23rd, 10:30 – 12:30 pm

But that’s not all!
Elevate your knowledge with three additional Zoom Trainings: (ALSO RECORDED)

  1. Navigating the Course: A Detailed Walkthrough + Essential Training on Heart Fundamentals
    Thursday, March 7th, 7 pm – 8pm
    Join me for a comprehensive Course Walkthrough where we’ll delve into the key aspects of heart health. This foundational training is designed to equip you with essential knowledge as we discuss and set personalized heart health goals.
  2. Nutrition Masterclass: Unlock the Essentials for Heart Health – Lowered Cholesterol & Blood Pressure Thursday, March 14th, 7 pm – 8 pm
    Dive into our Nutrition Masterclass and gain invaluable insights into the crucial nutrients that play a pivotal role in optimizing heart health. Discover the keys to lowering cholesterol and maintaining healthy blood pressure.
  3. Final Recap & Live Q&A: Clarify Course Content, Plan Your Next Steps
    Monday, March 25th, 7pm-8pm
    Join me for our ultimate recap session! I’ll address any lingering questions on course content and work together to chart your personalized plan for the journey ahead. Discover the next steps to ensure you’re well-prepared and confident in your heart-smart pursuit!

here's what you can expect


1:1 Kick-off Consultation:

Dive into a 1:1 consultation with me to tailor your Heart Smart strategy. Set achievable goals aligned with your unique health targets.


Supplement Review:

Receive a comprehensive  supplement review with recommendations that align with your medications (if using)


Blood Results Evaluation:

Gain insights with a review of your blood cholesterol results. Leverage this data to fine-tune your nutrition goals and optimise your journey.


Ongoing Accountability:

Stay on track with regular reviews of your daily food journals. Receive personalised feedback and support to strenghten your commitment & keep you on track


Medicinal Cooking Classes:

3 live cooking classes to master the art of preparing heart-healthy meals. Learn to optimise nutrients while creating delicious and nourishing dishes..


Live Training Events

3 live sessions covering heart health foundations, a nutrition masterclass, and Q&A. Deepen your understanding of holistic heart health for lasting results.


Dedicated WhatsApp Group:

Foster a sense of community and stay connected in our designated WhatsApp group. Share successes, ask questions, and receive instant support from the heart-smart community!


Exclusive Recipe eBook & Shopping List:

Access a wealth of 50+ new recipes, all nutritionally analysed to meet your health goals. Navigate your weekly meal planning seamlessly with the included organised shopping list.

This is Much more than just a cooking class - it's a real solution with accountability.

A premium offering, delivering tangible results…
Reduce every known risk factor for heart disease, armed with knowledge that will not only enhance your health but increase your health span.
It’s time to thrive, and this course is your key to unlocking the full potential of your well-being.
Join me on this exclusive journey – because your health deserves nothing less.


I don’t want to waste your time OR your money…


🌟 Client Spotlight: Evy's Heart Health Journey

Meet Evy, a resilient 63-year-old breast cancer survivor. 

Now facing the challenges of osteoporosis and high cholesterol. Taking multiple medications to manage bone loss, she sought an alternative to statin therapy to improve her heart health.

Evy had already embraced some dietary changes before working with me but needed tailored interventions to further enhance her health outcomes.

Evy’s initial cholesterol results in July 2023 showed promising improvements but still had room for enhancement:

  • Total Cholesterol: 5.9 raised (range <5.2)
  • LDL-C: 4.19 raised (range <3)
  • HDL: 1.48 good
  • Triglycerides: 0.59 good (<2.3)

December 11, 2023 
📆 1st Consultation: 
We dove right into action, emphasising additions rather than exclusions, we fine-tuned her diet and made strategic changes to her supplement regime, incorporating practitioner-grade supplements for optimal nutrient intake.

January 9, 2024
🌱 Follow-up Blood Work:
Within just a month, our collaborative efforts had already made a difference:
• Total Cholesterol: 5.6 (improved by 0.4)
• LDL-C: 3.56 (improved by 0.63)
• HDL: 1.64 (improved by 0.16)
• Triglycerides: 0.67 (increased by 0.7)

These are encouraging results in a short space of time, especially LDL cholesterol reduction—a pivotal factor in reducing the risk of heart attacks and strokes. For every 1-point (1mmol/L) decrease in LDL-C cholesterol, the risk of a cardiac event decreases by 20%.

🌿 Evy’s dedication to her health journey serves as a testament to the profound impact of personalised nutrition and lifestyle changes. What is at the end of our fork plays a crucial role in our health outcomes, especially for women in menopause whose risk of heart disease increases 5 x fold!
Evy continues to apply all the nutritional recommendations that she has learned & is on track to bring her cholesterol numbers back within range.


live VIRTUAL COOKING CLASSES + training WITH ongoing support

This is the kind of hands-on, practical guidance that will get you results!

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Heart Smart begins
7th March 2024.
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Based on 9 reviews
Karen O Connell
Karen O Connell
Rachel is an absolutely fantastic nutritionist. I went to her a few months ago to help with a specific issue. With a few tweaks in my diet I have been very successful and would recommend her to anyone. It's amazing what you can achieve with good nutrition and exercise. Thank you Rachel
Julie Cassidy
Julie Cassidy
In 2019 I started to experience peri menopause symptoms. After seeing a GP was advised to commence HRT, if I wished, and get a Dexa Scan. My Dexa scan showed that I had Osteopenia which was quite a shock. I have always considered myself a healthy enough eater and reasonably fit as I exercise regularly. I was prescribed a calcium and vitamin D supplement. I started HRT at that time. During the next couple of years I attended gym sessions periodically and in May 2023 I was fortunate enough to discover Rachel Graham and her wonderful nutrition course. Following the advice on nutrition and changing much of my diet to incorporate the foods needed at this age (56) I found my energy, weight and general well-being much improved. Further advise for improvement of bone density is to do weight bearing exercises. Within Rachels Nutrition Course she introduced us to Irma Fearon, a gym instructor. I signed up to Irma's online PT sessions, which include weight bearing exercises, tailored around my abilities and at times that suited both of us. I also purchased yoga classes from Shirli, another wonderful colleague of Rachels. I am enjoying doing the Flexibility Improvement sessions. Much to my surprise and delight when I had my Dexa scan recently it showed that there are no signs of Osteopenia! I have no doubt that the combination of HRT, much improved eating habits, recommended supplements and weight bearing exercise that this resulted in my improved Dexa scan results!!
Eileen Butterly
Eileen Butterly
I began Rachel's course Meno-morphosis because I was struggling with the symptoms of menopause including weight gain. Each week Rachel covered a different health topic which I found very helpful in piecing things together. Rachel provided recipes which were very easy to cook. Some of the recipes can be cooked in advance and put in the freezer. More than food was covered in Meno-morphosis.... wellbeing, heart health, exercise and gut health was also extensively spoken about. These topics are all extremely important in this challenging time of our life. The other ladies in the group were fantastic too. We shared our highs and lows on the group it is like having a new group of friends all with the same ideas in mind. Extra support is always a help. This course has changed my life and armed me with extra knowledge to help me get through this stage of my life. Thanks again Rachel x
Sinead Lawson
Sinead Lawson
I feel so fortunate to have found Rachel’s Menomorphosis 7 week programme. I have learnt so much and feel so much more knowledgeable about what my body is going through at this stage of my life. I have added so many delicious recipes to my weekly eating plan that were easy to prepare and so nutritious. I learnt about relevant supplements and have had a noticeable decrease in menopause symptoms. I am sleeping better and feeling more energised. If you are at this stage of your life and need some support, I can thoroughly recommend Rachel’s programme.
Mercedes Gómez
Mercedes Gómez
I found Rachel in IG just before the pandemic. I recently joined her "Beat the Bloat Challenge" which lead me to her 6 week Menopause Nutrition course. Rachel has a wealth of knowledge in this area, she is approachable and patient. Her course materials are useful and informative, I find myself referring back to them frequently now that the course has finished. She has given me the tools to navigate this new stage with confidence and joy, and for that I am very grateful to her.
Lorraine Brennan
Lorraine Brennan
So glad I found Rachel and her Menomorphosis course. Had definitely lost my mojo and control of my eating as well as convinced myself that weight gain was just something to put up with post menopause. Rachel helped me find a way through, taking control of my eating, focusing on self care and also losing weight in the process. She explains the why of everything so you feel empowered to make good decisions. The sense of community in the group also made a massive difference. Invest in yourself and take a look at what she has to offer. You won't regret it!
Rosemary Russell
Rosemary Russell
Highly recommend Rachels 7 week menopause program...full of useful info on the following: supplements, recipes, exercises, especially weight training... intermittent fasting.... explains in details, good fats/bad fats/ hidden sugars...what foods to avoid..eat more organic..drinking plenty of fluids....changing bad eating habits to good...learnt about chemicals in the home to avoid & the importance of self care..& so much much more...very informative program...I'm feel more energetic, happier & family life has improved totally transformed my life. Can't thank Rachel enough or praise Rachel enough...for her support & advice...& ongoing support...Rachels just amazing😁💕..my skin feel & looks fresher..lost 3 inches around my waist... sleeping better...very few hot flushes...mood is so much happier....😁
Rachel hehir
Rachel hehir
Hi Rachel, i’ve been making loads from your Menomorphosis book and I absolutely love it. Just had the amazing dahl and chickpea pancakes with apple and coconut yoghurt! Devine! I love every recipe that I've made from the book including the lentil and mushroom burgers, the falafel, chicory, orange and miso, beetroot ketchup, savoury granola, bliss balls, sweet potato cookies, almond butter brownies and the list goes on and on!! I have tonnes of energy and my sweet cravings have been dramatically reduced. Im loving this book and would recommend it to everyone! Thanks a mil
Veronica Dennehy
Veronica Dennehy
Hi my name is Veronica and I have just completed the MenoMorphsis Program with Rachel. I can honestly say it was the best investment I have ever made in ME. This journey has taught me so much and given me ways and knowledge to achieve optimum nutrition for me and my family. I’m am navigating my way through the peri-menopausal stage of my life which isn’t an overnight process, its 10 years or more. With that comes a whole host of undesirables, everything is an uphill battle, prolapse, insomnia, cravings, low moods and a general lack of confidence in so much. It is with immense gratitude and thanks to Rachel that the one and most important area I am now confident is my health and nutrition. It all starts with good nutrition; the rest will follow. This gives me hope and a sense of taking control of the way my body is and not my body taking control of me, that’s invaluable. I was exhausted mentally and physically, despite having a relatively good diet and love of exercise. What I didn’t realise and what I have learnt with Rachel is that what worked previously for me really isn’t what my body needs during this stage of my life, it needed adjustment and a different approach. I needed guidance, knowledge and a good sensible sustainable approach to my nutrition. Doing this program gave me exactly that, Rachel is a wealth of knowledge, her passion for making you the best version of yourself is infectious. She genuinely has your interests at heart, everyone needs a Rachel in their lives. I have healed in so many ways, physically and mentally. I now see food totally differently, it is not the enemy, it is now my medicine, energy and vitality for life. I love eating the rainbow and it has improved my overall health incredibly. I am sleeping much better; my skin and hair looks great and no amount of salon treatments could do this. My spirit has lifted and I’m in control again. Doing this program is an absolute must for any women, 10 years of peri and then menopause, I wish I had of done it years ago. If you are looking for help, here it is, just make the call and have a chat with Rachel, you will see what I mean by her passion and knowledge.

I loved the personal approach. I never felt like a number.
I believe 100% that Rachel genuinely wants the very best for the participants.
Her passionate approach for lifelong, sustainable health, is infectious, I was so impressed by this and how she passed that on to me…

Veronica Dennehy
January 2022 Meno-Morphosis Program Participant 



We start on 7th March, with a kick off Zoom Call to walk through all the content & discuss some heart health facts…


Everything is online: 3 live virtual cooking classes + 3 live trainings over Zoom All are recorded & uploaded within 24 hours to the platform.
You will have access to view the recordings + all the course content indefinitely!




Everything is recorded, so you can watch back in your own time. This is especially useful for the cooking classes..