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Completely Transform Your Midlife with


A Comprehensive 12-Week Journey…



  • Steadily gaining weight – especially around the middle – unable to shift it…
  • Feeling constantly tired with low energy…
  • Interested to learn about the foods you should be including now – for this life stage – as well as which ones you should be avoiding?…
  • Interested to learn about all the ways to optimize your diet for healthy aging, improved digestion, strengthening your bones & better mental clarity
  • Want the guidance and knowledge of someone who understands menopause & can get you results…
  • Ready to put in the work to TRANSFORM your weight, your health & sense of wellbeing…

If  this sounds like you, then read on below

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Practical Actionable Advice

The Menopause Nutritionist


I’m Rachel Graham, Nutritional Therapist, Medicinal Chef & Accredited Menopause Educator with The British Menopause Charity…


I run an online Menopause Nutrition Clinic with an emphasis on heart health and digestive health…


WHY you need qualified help...


What you were doing up to now to maintain a healthy weight is probably no longer working...


You need to do things differently but are probably unsure what to keep & what to change...


When it comes to change, we need guidance, expertise but also accountability to keep us on track...


What you can expect from my programme...

Personalised Nutrition Consultations

This is personalized nutrition tailored to your unique biological needs! Upon completing the in-depth Intake Forms, I delve into your current health status, making recommendations that align with your goals to optimise your health. You will have 3 x 1:1 Nutrition consultations with me over the 12 week journey...

Exclusive Recipe Collection & Meal Plans

Access a wealth of new recipes, all nutritionally analysed to meet your health goals and provide essential nutrients to balance your hormones & improve your health outcomes. Organised shopping list included + meal plans

Integrated Food Journal

Imagine this: as you kick off your journey, you’ll gain access to an online food journal right on the platform. It’s not just about tracking your meals; it’s a dynamic tool with nutrition targets for specific nutrients. Together, we optimize your daily intake, paving the way for exceptional results on your meno-morphosis journey!

Personal Training Sessions

On week 5 of the Program you will get started with Irma who will begin strength training sessions with our group twice a week for 8 weeks. These are all online Zoom classes from the comfort of your own home!

Medicinal Cooking Classes

Everyones favourite! Embark on a culinary adventure with 5 interactive, 2-hour live cooking sessions with me over Zoom! You have the flexibility to either cook along in real-time or simply sit back, relax, and watch. To ensure you’re well-prepared, I’ll provide a meal prep list in advance of each class, so you’re ready to dive into the cooking experience...

Weekly Live Trainings

Every week we meet as a group on Zoom to discuss that weeks topic which you will have access to in the course resurces. You will be able to ask me questions in real time & benefit from our group discussions. This is your chance to deepen your understanding of your changing body & use that knowledge to make sustainable changes.

Access to all Training Content

Once you enroll, you will get access to the course platform where you will find all the content for the program. This content is released weekly so that you can focus on each weeks content & progress without overwhelm. You have access to all this for a full 12 months after you complete the Program too! (or longer if you need it!)

Our Private WhatsApp Group

The private WhatsApp chat group is just one of the bonuses of the group! This is where you can ask me any questions & have ongoing access to me – your virtual nutritionist! Previous participants have loved this feature of the Program..

BONUS: Guest Speakers

I have invited some health & wellness experts to contribute their knowledge & expertise! They will join us Live throughout our program to further enhance your complete transformation...

Bonus: Ongoing Accountability

Throughout the 12-week program, I ensure your accountability using your food journals to provide personalized feedback every week. This ongoing accountability ensures that you stay motivated and focused on achieving your desired results..

Testimonial From Dr. Maeve Hogan

Dr. Maeve Hogan
Dr. Maeve Hogan GP
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My name is Maeve and I work as a GP.
Before I started the MenoMorphosis Program, I was finding it very difficult to find work life balance and manage menopausal symptoms. My weight and energy was a concern and I was really interested in learning more about nutrition for menopause as it is something that as a GP I felt would be of huge benefit to myself and my patients.

Having attended Rachel’s previous retreats which I really enjoyed and learned so much from I was eager to learn more. Since then I have loved the plan and it has given me a structure to my diet which has improved enormously. I have also learned to really organise my meals and feel so much better as a result.

I started seeing results in around 2 weeks as in my energy and appetite improved and I lost weight. The recipes were really easy and delicious and I was able to plan ahead easily. The most valuable feature (s) of working with Rachel is her course is hugely informative on every level and covers every aspect of menopause.

If you’re on the fence about working with Rachel on this group coaching program I’d say it’s the best thing you will do for your health and well-being.

Here's what you will learn...

  • Discover the keys to lasting weight loss and vitality
  • Discover what you need to include in your diet to meet your unique biological needs
  • Say goodbye to bloating and improve your digestion
  • Explore exciting new recipes in our cooking classes
  • Master safe and effective strength training techniques with Irma in her weekly online exercise classes
  • Gain comprehensive insights into menopause and treatment options incl. HRT & alternatives to HRT

And that’s just the beginning…


Module Highlight: We'll begin your Transformation with a 1:1 Consultation with me...

Once you enrol in MENO-MORPHOSIS you can immediately book in for your Initial 1:1 consultation with me to kick start your journey! This will really focus your efforts towards achieving your goals which will make your whole learning experience even more enjoyable! You will have another 2 follow up consultations with me during the program where we will make your goals a reality, together.


Module Highlight: Menopause Nutrition Mastery

📖 Recipe eBook + Comprehensive Shopping List:
Receive your hormone balancing recipe collection featuring over 30+ delicious and nutritious recipes – all nutritionally analyzed to optimise your mid-life health: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and guilt-free snacks/treats included.

 All the recipes are easy to follow for a seamless cooking experience with an organized shopping list included. Easily find all the ingredients you need for the week ahead with the included resource feature…


Module Highlight: 5 Live Cooking Sessions

Immerse Yourself in Exciting Recipes to Transform Your Health: Join Five Live Cooking Sessions during the Program

Included in the program are five interactive, 2-hour live cooking sessions over Zoom! You have the flexibility to either cook along in real-time or simply sit back, relax, and watch. To ensure you’re well-prepared, I’ll provide a meal prep list in advance of each class, so you’re ready to dive into the cooking experience.

Each Virtual Cooking Class is recorded also…

The dates will be scheduled for you in the course platform with automated reminders so you’ll never miss a session!

Many participants consider these cooking classes to be one of the highlights of the course.


Module Highlight: 8 Weeks of Strength Training Classes

Two Zoom classes per week...


I have been working in the Personal Training and Fitness Industry for more than 15 years.

While I work with people from all walks of life, recently I have taken a keen interest in women going through menopause. 

Exercise in its many forms is well-proven to be one of the best forms of treatment for women experiencing menopausal symptoms.

No matter what your limitation is, there is always some form of exercise you can do and you will enjoy. I am here to work with you to find it, motivate you, and keep you on a consistent path of health and well-being.

Irma Barzdaite is accredited by the EHFA (European Health & Fitness Association) at EQF Level 4 and is also a member of EREPS (European Register of Exercise Professionals)

This is Much more than just an online course - it's a real solution with accountability.

A premium offering, delivering tangible results…
Reduce every known risk factor for Heart Disease, Osteoporosis, Type 2 Diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease armed with knowledge that will not only enhance your health but increase your health span.
It’s time to thrive, and this course is your key to unlocking the full potential of your well-being.
Join me on this exclusive journey – because your health deserves nothing less.


I don’t want to waste your time OR your money…

THIS COURSE IS NOT FOR YOU IF.... you cant do the work -
yep! It will require effort - change doesnt happen on its own...

Testimonial From Veronica

Veronica Dennehy
Veronica DennehyTeacher
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Hi my name is Veronica and I have just completed the MenoMorphsis Program with Rachel.

I can honestly say it was the best investment I have ever made in ME.

This journey has taught me so much and given me ways and knowledge to achieve optimum nutrition for me and my family.
I’m navigating my way through the peri-menopause stage of my life which isn’t an overnight process, its 10 years or more.

With that comes a whole host of undesirables, everything is an uphill battle, prolapse, insomnia, cravings, low moods and a general lack of confidence in so much.
It is with immense gratitude and thanks to Rachel that the one and most important area I am now confident in, is my health and nutrition.

It all starts with good nutrition; the rest will follow. This gives me hope and a sense of taking control of the way my body is and not my body taking control of me, that’s invaluable.

I was exhausted mentally and physically, despite having a relatively good diet and love of exercise.
What I didn’t realise and what I have learnt with Rachel is that what worked previously for me really isn’t what my body needs during this stage of my life, it needed adjustment and a different approach. I needed guidance, knowledge and a good sensible sustainable approach to my nutrition.

Doing this program gave me exactly that, Rachel is a wealth of knowledge, her passion for making you the best version of yourself is infectious. She genuinely has your interests at heart, everyone needs a Rachel in their lives!

I have healed in so many ways, physically and mentally. I now see food totally differently, it is not the enemy, it is now my medicine, energy and vitality for life.
I love eating the rainbow and it has improved my overall health incredibly.

I am sleeping much better; my skin and hair looks great and no amount of salon treatments could do this. My spirit has lifted and I’m in control again.

Doing this program is an absolute must for any women, 10 years of peri and then menopause, I wish I had of done it years ago. If you are looking for help, here it is, just make the call and have a chat with Rachel, you will see what I mean by her passion and knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions


We start on September 11th 2024. Enrolment will open approx. 2 weeks before hand. Once enrolled you will be added to the Meno-Morphosis WhatsApp Group and given access to the course area to view the resources.


Weekly live training over Zoom which is recorded & uploaded within 24 hours to the course platform (Practice Better) for those that can’t attend live. All 1:1 consultations, cooking classes & exercise sessions with Irma take place over Zoom…


12 months & if you need longer just get in touch..


12 months & if you need longer just get in touch..