Transform your Menopause with Great Nutrition.
Nourish for Menopause is a cookbook with a difference. It takes the focus off menopause symptoms & places it firmly on 8 important key nutrients to include (*The MENO 8) in order to effectively manage your symptoms, transform your menopause and future-proof your health. Furthermore, focusing on what you can add into your diet instead of what to remove is more empowering and enjoyable!


Hormones rule the roost for us women, so I believe that all women can benefit from using this book, regardless of age! However, in particular, women aged approximately 40 onwards who are likely in perimenopause, to women in menopause or post-menopause, who want to make a difference to their long-term health, using food as their pharmacy!

Why Is This Book Needed – What Problem Does It Solve?

At this life stage, women often feel lost, suffering from low self-esteem that manifests in disordered eating, weight gain & low energy.

They are easy prey for fad diets and the frequent disinformation promoted on social media.

Trying to figure it out on your own is not easy. What you want & need is a reliable source of evidence-based information, explaining the nutrients you should optimize now, for better long-term health. The missing piece of the puzzle is a delicious recipe linked to the right information.

My menopause cookbook enables women to take back control of their health to thrive through this life stage. Who doesn’t want to eat delicious-tasting food that also provides health benefits beyond basic nutrition?

Rachel's book is the Menopause Bible. All the information you need to navigate this new phase of your life is included.
I feel informed and now understand what is happening to my body.
Thank you Rachel for coming into my life when I needed you most. 

Teresa Bellamy

Co. Louth

This is just the right book we needed for this stage of our lives!. Thank you Rachel creating something that didn’t exist before, for normalizing the Menopause not just for women but for everyone. These recipes are delicious and enjoyable for the whole family while supporting women through a challenging period of our lives.

Andrea Quintero


Having read Rachel's cookbook and incorporated Rachel’s advice & recipes into my life, I can honestly say it’s best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time. I found the in-depth information very helpful in understanding the way my peri-menopausal body works. Mood & energy improved. Brain fog & apathy are gone. I feel empowered and in charge of my own health.

Louise Coburn

Dundalk, Co. Louth


The book is available in all good book shops nationwide (Ireland) i.e. EASONS. DUBRAY, HODGES FIGGIS, KENNYS, as well as lots of independent bookshops too. The ORDER NOW button below is linked to Easons here in Ireland. They can also ship overseas if need be. *The book is currently not available in U.K or on Amazon, so please use the Easons link below to order.


At the bottom of every recipe is a colourful bar chart, containing all the important nutritional information so that you can track 16 key nutrients at a glance. The nutritional information for each recipe has been calculated per portion or serving size, using professional Nutritics software. This takes into consideration the preparation method ie juicing, blending, roasting etc to provide data that is as accurate as possible. This will enable you to optimise that nutrient in the effective dose, achieve your recommended daily amount (RDA) & balance your hormones.

Tracking 16 Key Nutrients at a Glance