the full recipe book is available in all good bookshops in Ireland only (currently)

Evidence-Based Nutrition for Menopausal Women

FREE Menopause Cookbook

Evidence-Based Nutrition for Menopausal Women

FREE Menopause Cookbook


Are you tired of sifting through endless, conflicting information about the best diets and nutrition plans for menopause? Well, you’re not alone. Menopause can be a challenging journey, leaving many women feeling lost and overwhelmed. But don’t worry, because you’ve just discovered the missing piece of the puzzle.

My Menopause Cookbook is where evidence-based nutrition meets delicious-tasting recipes tailored specifically for menopausal women. It is available in all good bookshops, but here is a mini sampler, giving you an exclusive sneak peek inside, so you can try out some of the recipes & start reclaiming control over your health and well-being…

Increase Your Energy, Improve Your Sleep, Enhance Your Memory & Maintain a Healthy Weight


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Why Take My Word For It?

The Menopause Nutritionist


I’m Rachel Graham, Nutritional Therapist, Medicinal Chef & Accredited Menopause Educator with The British Menopause Charity.


I want to give you the nutrition know-how to confidently make better food choices. 

Every recipe has been nutritionally analysed using professional industry standard software to track 8 key nutrients (the meno 8) + 8 more!

Take calcium as an example – very important for our bones – in the guide I reccomend that you aim for 1000-1200mg of calcium per day to reduce your risk of Osteoporosis…, using my recipes you will know if you are eating enough calcium & if not you will have options on how to increase it..

This is where my book is more than just a cookbook it is a very effective tool to help women in menopause really improve their health…


Ready to Take Control?

Don’t let menopause dictate your life. Take the first step towards a healthier, happier you by downloading my free Menopause Cookbook Sampler today. Simply fill in the form below to gain instant access to some seriously delicious recipes and invaluable nutrition tips.